Common Water Heating Problems

May 3, 2017


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Most homeowners expect consistent and reliable hot water when they turn on the tap; however, sometimes, problems do occur.

Some common water heating problems include the following:

  • The water heater tank is leaking
  • There’s water coming out of the tap, but there’s no hot water
  • Water is coming out of the outlet valve
  • The water heater tank is making strange noises

A Leaking Water Heater Tank

If you notice a puddle under your water heater tank, this is an issue that you can’t fix on your own. Shut down your hot water system and call in a professional. On a gas water heater, turn off the water and gas cock; for a water heater that runs on electricity, first turn off the electrical power to the water heater, then turn off the water flowing to it.

Water Flows from Your Tap, but You Have no Hot Water

If you have water, but it’s just not getting hot, the first thing you’ll need to do is determine if the problem is with your water heater or if it’s a power issue. If your water heater uses gas, check other gas appliances to see if they are working, and getting gas. Next, check to see if the pilot light is lit; if it’s not, follow the directions in the manual for your water heater to relight the pilot.

If your water heater is electric, make sure that the circuit has not been tripped. If necessary, reset the circuit breaker or replace the fuse.

Water Leaking from the Outlet Valve

It’s normal for the temperature and pressure relief valve, also commonly called a TPR or T&P valve, to expel water on occasion; however, it shouldn’t be leaking water constantly. The TPR valve has a lever on it, lift this lever 3 to 4 times to try and clear the valve of any obstacles. If this doesn’t solve the problem, it’s time to call in an experienced technician. Shut down the water heater and wait for help to arrive.

Strange Noises from the Water Heater Tank

There can be many reasons why you’re hearing odd noises, but a common reason is that your tank has a buildup of sediment. This can sometimes be fixed simply by flushing the water tank. If your water heater manual gives you instructions on how to do this yourself, you can give it a try if you are comfortable; however, this is generally a job for a qualified technician.

For more information about hot water systems, contact us today. We aim to provide you an affordable plumbing service for your Perth homes.

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